Ole Jannik Bjerrum

Ole Jannik Bjerrum

Professor emeritus

  • Translational Pharmacology

    Jagtvej 160, 2100 København Ø

    Phone: +45 35 33 63 20

Ole Jannik Bjerrum Born 1944.03.20 in Copenhagen, Denmark

1969          M.D. (cand. med.), University of Copenhagen

1978          Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMSc/dr.med.), University of Copenhagen

1988-98     Adjunct professor, Dept. Biochemistry & Nutrition, Technical University of DK

1999-2004 Adjunct professor, Faculty of Health, University of Southern Denmark

2001          Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen


1969-70     Internship at University Hospital of Copenhagen

1970-71     Research fellow at Institute of Biochemistry, University of Uppsala, Sweden

1971-74     Assistant professor, Protein Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

1974-87     Associate professor, Protein Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

1980-81     Visiting professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Northwestern                  University, Ill, USA

1982-87    Director, Protein Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

1987-91     Director, Biolabs and Immunotechnology, Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsvaerd.

1991-96     Principal Research Scientist, Assay and Cell Technology, Novo Nordisk A/S

1996-01     Research Counsellor, Corporate Research Affairs, Novo Nordisk A/S

2001-         Professor of pharmacology, Faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Copenhagen

2006          Visiting professor of pharmaceutical safety science, Faculty of PharmacyUniversity of Vienna

Publications and lectures,

1968-         Author of 140 publications (94 are original papers in int. refereed journals)

1978          Dissertion.: Immunochemical analysis of membrane proteins

1983          Editor of "Electroimmunochemical Analysis of Membrane proteins", 481 pp, Elsevier

1988          Editor with N.H. Heegaard of "Handbook of Immunoblotting of Proteins", Vols. I, II       214, 265 pp  CRC Press

1976-         Invited lecturer at 38 international symposia and workshops

Areas of research expertise and supervision

At the Proteinlaboratory 1970-1987:

Membrane proteins: structure, enzymes, receptors and transporters. Clinical chemistry: plasmaproteins, antibodies, platelets, lymphocytes. Analytical techniques: electrophoresis, immunoblotting and diagnostics

Supervised 4 university candidate stipends , 1 ph.d  and 11 master students

NovoNordisk 1987-2001

Monoclonal antibodies. Development and production of diagnostic ELISA kits for diabetes, pregnancy and myocardial infarction. High throughput screening receptor assays. Growth hormone secretagogues, Advanced glycation endproducts.

Co-supervised 6 ph.d.'s and 15 master students

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2002-

Translational studies on the pathophysiology and treatment of neuropatic pain

Supervised 6 ph.d's and  31 master students

Contribution to Research Policy

Originator to the initiative New Safe Medicines Faster which impacted EU's 6th Framework programme (150 mio Euro) which paved the way for the public private EU joint Research programme: Innovative Medicines Initiative  worth 1 bio Euro. The effort is based on more than 30 articles and reports.

Organization of Symposia and Congresses (major contributions)

1988          Co-organizer of 6th Int. Congress of Electrophoresis

1991          Organizer and chair of Scandinavian Electrophoresis Society's 3rd Congress

1996          Co-organizer of EC Meeting for Biotech Trainees: "Industrial Connections to Biotech"

1998          Co-organizer of EC First Conference of the Biotechnology & Finance Forum

2000          Co-organizer (chair) of EU/EUFEPS/EFPIA Workshop: New Safe Medicines Faster

2002          Organizer (chair) EUFEPS Conference: Biotech Medicines

2002          Organizer (chair) EU/EUFEPS Symposium: Afternoon Specials - New Safe Medicine                  Faster

2003          Co-organizer (chair) of EUFEPS/EUREKA Workshop: New Safe Medicines Faster

2004,07     Organizer EUFEPS Workshop: Safety Science

2004          Co-organizer EUFEPS Congress: New Safe Medicines. Towards Mechanistic Prediction

2005          Organizer EU/EUFEPS Workshop on Innovative Medicines

2006          Coorganizer of EUFEPS Conference on Pharmaceutical Safety Science, Austrian                  Science Academy

2006,07     Co-organizer EUFEPS/BioSim Conference Systems Biology.


2006 Danish Academy of Natural Sciences' Industry prize. Gold medal

2007 Pharmaceutical Sciences World Conferences Research Achievement Award


Offices & Memberships

1982-88     Member of the Board, Danish Biochemical Society (chairman 1984-86)

1983          Fellow, Danish Academy of Natural Sciences

1986-91     Council member, International Electrophoresis Society

1986-93     Member of the Board, Scandinavian Electrophoresis Society (chairman 1989-93)

1991          Fellow, Danish Academy of Technical Sciences

1992-98     Member of the Board, Danish Society Theoret. & Applied Medicine (chairman 1996-97)

1993-99     Appointed member, Danish Medical Research Council

1993-94     Member of the Board of Directors, PNA Diagnostics A/S

1994-97     Member, National Biotechnology Committee, Ministry of Research, DK

1994-98     Danish delegate: EU 4th Framework Programme Committee on Biotechnology, Brussels

1996-01     Member, Steering Committee for Center of Proteome Analysis, University Odense

1997-02     Chairman, Danish Association of Physicians in Private Employment

1997-98     Danish delegate, European Science and Technology Assembly (ESTA)

1998-01     Member of Committee on Industrial Relations, Eur. Fed. Pharm. Sciences (EUFEPS)

1999-03     Danish delegate: EU 5th Framework Programme Manag. Committee on Quality of Life

1999-02     Member Governing board, Eur. Assoc. for Promotion of Sci. & Tech. (Euroscience)

1999-07     Member of Executive Committee, President 2003-05, Eur.Fed.Pharm.Sciences, EUFEPS 2002-05     Member of Executive Committee of European Ethics Network (EEN)

2005-08     Danish delegate. EU Memberstate group, Technological Platform for Innovative               Medicine IMI.

2008-         Vicechairman EUFEPS Safety Sciences Network

2009          Member of European education team for IMI: SafeSciMET granted with 3 mio Euro

Knowledge of languages

danish, english and german



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