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Name Title Phone E-mail
Alexander von Spreckelsen Visiting Student   E-mail
Anna Khodosevich Special Consultant +4535331138 E-mail
Anna Khodosevich Special Consultant +4535331138 E-mail
Anna-Sophie Aagaard Thein Visiting Student +4535334545 E-mail
Annemette Grant Larsen Academic Staff +4535337993 E-mail
Arevak Saruhanian Research Fellow   E-mail
Birgitte Ruste Communications Coordinator +4535336511 E-mail
Dorte Skytt Jensen Special Consultant +4535336277 E-mail
Fahed Al-Azzawi Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Frederik Nørby Friis Sørensen Student +4535336525 E-mail
Helle S. Waagepetersen Head of Department +4535327052 E-mail
Henning Bang Jensen Finance Coordinator +4535331319 E-mail
Israa Mahmoud Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Lone Lilhammer Department Secretary +4535336329 E-mail
Lotte Endsleff Administrative Officer +4535325366 E-mail
Marianne Wieslander Jørgensen PhD Coordinator +4535336449 E-mail
Natascha Camilla Frederiksen Administrative Officer +4535331340 E-mail
Rikke Christine Albertine Helstrup Student   E-mail
Rubin Hadad Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Tina Lindgreen Department Secretary +4535336291 E-mail
Ulla Kløve Jakobsen Coordinator +4535334212 E-mail
Zaynab Ahmad Mouhammad Research Fellow   E-mail