Analytical core facility

The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology houses an analytical core facility for characterisation of pure compounds and complex mixtures.



Instruments within the analytical core facility are operated as open-access walk-up instruments. With some training, users should be able to submit their own samples for analysis without help from a specialised operator. As routines are worked out for each instrument, they will be listed below.




Software - OpenLynx browser

How to install and handle MS-data


Overall aims

The overall aims of the core facility are to:

  • provide the Department’s scientists with state-of-the-art infrastructure that allows research at the highest international level
  • support applications for infrastructure grants 
  • attract international and national leading scientists – as employees, visiting scientists, or collaborators
  • recruit the best PhD students and allow research training using state-of-the-art facilities
  • secure optimal utilisation of infrastructure facilities and development of departmental strategies for continuous upgrade and new purchases of equipment.

Steering committee

The steering committee will:

  • develop strategies for continuous development of the facility
  • set rules for users
  • maintain the core facility website for internal and external users
  • set policies for how to distribute running costs to the users.

Preliminary members:

Dan Stærk, Natural Products Research
Anders Skov Kristensen, Chemical Biology
Michael Gajhede, Biostructural Research
Henrik Franzyk, Natural Products Research