Frølund Group

chemical synthesis

Research Focus

We are aiming for development of novel ligands for probing and labeling orthosteric and modulatory binding sites on biological targets to elucidate localization, architecture and function.

We are focusing on ligand gated ion channels (LGIC) with a particular interest in GABAA and nicotinic ACh receptors, but our projects also involve GABA transporters and GHB pharmacology. We do structure-activity studies aiming for receptor subtype selectivity and pharmacological tools/biomarkers, for studying ligand-receptor interactions and dynamics.

We have been successful in developing fundamental compounds e.g. highly potent agonists and antagonists, some of these selective for specific receptor subtypes.

All projects are interdisciplinary, building on international and national collaborations. With a platform in medicinal chemistry, our projects bridges with molecular pharmacology, computational and biostructural chemistry.