Medicinal Chemistry Bachelor and Master projects

Current projects

  • Design and synthesis of free fatty acid receptor modulators (pdf)
  • Design and synthesis of ligands for studying the GABAA or nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (pdf)
  • Design and Synthesis of Neuroactive Small Molecules (pdf)
  • Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) for finding small-molecule inhibitors against brain proteins (pdf)
  • Pretargeted chemistry: Organic chemistry in man (pdf)
  • Structure-activity studies of biologically active peptides andanalogs (pdf)
  • Structure-based medicinal chemistry towards subtype-selective kainate receptor ligands (pdf)
  • Proteomimetics and bioactive peptoids (pdf)
  • Unraveling the γ-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) high affinity binding site: Is it just Fantasy... (pdf)
  • UC2016: Changing the World (pdf)

General contacts

Anders Bach, Assistant Professor
Bente Frølund, Professor MSO
Jesper Kristensen, Professor MSO
Lennart Bunch, Assistant Professor
Matthias Herth, Associate Professor
Rasmus Prætorius Clausen, Associate Professor
Tommy N. Johansen, Associate Professor
Trond Ulven, Professor